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The most comprehensive Python course in India

Master concepts like Machine learning algorithms and their implementation

Build programs that process different databases and interpret the information found

First step to learning advanced concepts like Cloud computing, big data analytics, and cryptocurrencies.

In an era where bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and automation has taken the IT industry by storm, learning Python has become mandatory. Large enterprises have realised that Python, being extremely dynamic and emphasizing on code readability, allows developers to code less. Moreover, Python also supports multiple programming paradigm, clear syntax, and offers good OOP support, all of which increases the efficiency of both the developers, and the enterprise itself. To keep up with the innovations and trend in the industry, enterprises are trying to recruit more developers who are thorough with Python. The skill gap in the industry, however, is a major challenge the industry is trying to eliminate.

IIHT – Bridging the skill-gap

The current educational ecosystem is extremely rudimentary and is not designed to meet the needs and demands of the industry. Innovations in the industry, and market competition has forced the industry to leverage Python to explore the gamut of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and data science. However, industries are looking to hire skilled professionals and shifting responsibilities directly rather than training an unskilled workforce. IIHT’s Python training program is designed to address this very issue, and offers a comprehensive training in Python that meet the demands of industry and make the students employable with the required skills, bridging this massive skill-gap.

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Why should you learn Python programming?

Python is an open-source and object-oriented programming language developed in the 1980s. And is one of the most popular programming languages today. Most enterprises leverage python for its simplicity and its ability to develop a wide array of applications across different platforms. Further, python language allows to code quickly by building complex applications with minimal lines of code. Moreover, enterprise are now looking to invest more in as it gives enterprises them an edge over latest innovations in such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics among many others.

Why learn Python programming at IIHT?

  • Gain expertise and practical training for the role and responsibilities of a Desktop/web developer and game designer
  • Master best practices and trends in Python programming
  • Comprehensive job-oriented course strucutre
  • Gain access to IIHT Cloud Labs
  • Opportunity to interact with SMEs from industry for better conceptual clarity of the subject.
  • learning the foundations and advanced concepts, step-by-step, through Blended learning sessions.
  • Experience IIHT’s revolutionary Learning Management System specifically designed to facilitate an enhanced learning experience
  • Work on real-world projects and perform self-assessments

Why do enterprises leverage Python?

  • It is considered the most approachable language in many organizations
  • Offers multiple programming paradigms
  • Python is used to publish open-source projects by many companies
  • Enterprises leverage for its structure that allows less coding
  • Rich in APIs and a vast community of Python developers who contribute towards the same
  • Highly secure and encrypted
  • Its application in booming technologies like data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning
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Course Content

Full Stack with Python

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While there are no pre-requisites to learning Python, it is advised that candidates understand C, Java, and OOPS concepts thoroughly.

The industry is actively looking for professionals who can programme in Python. The recent advancements in areas like Machine learning, Cloud computing, Big data analytics, and cryptocurrencies has further increased this demand.

Our mentors are highly experienced experts who have been in the industry for over a decade. Students will be given the opportunity to interact with these during sessions.

Students can attend classes of different batches and cover the necessary topics.