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Explore lucrative career paths with MEARN Stack

Become an expert at front and back-end developer

Deploy applications without using stand-alone servers

Test applications on cloud platform at every development process.

With the IT industry growing rapidly every day, developers can no longer work in silos and become experts in just select aspects of development. Most enterprises prefer to recruit full-stack developers who have mastered the entire process of development, from design to development, and can customize and build features that meet their business needs. MEARN today has become one of the most preferred full-stack development model as it allows them to write an entire client-to-server codebase in JavaScript. With the increasing adoption of MEARN, full-stack and MEARN Stack developers are in huge demand and has evolved to be one of the most lucrative career path for many IT professionals.

IIHT – Bridging the skill-gap

As companies look to recruit highly skilled professionals, many engineering students tend to get side-lined simply because they do not possess multiple skill sets. Having realised that mastering MEAN isn’t enough to excel in the industry, IIHT is attempting to bridge this gap with MEARN Stack, a unique training programme that incorporates React with MEAN, allowing students to master a multitude of skillsets under one roof. The course is structured in accordance to the industry requirements and helps students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge, making them more employable. IIHT’s MEARN stack will ensure that students gain expertise in database management, network and server hosting environments, interaction of external world APIs, and security and quality assurance among many other.

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What is the demand for MEARN Stack?

Organizations today use an array of technologies like web servers, libraries, front-end frameworks and database system during the process of web development. Up until a few years ago MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJs and Node.js individually were not considered as something critical to organizational needs. Developers now employ the strategy of using a combination of all these tools, titled MEARN Stack, to facilitate faster and effective web development process. MEARN stack has now become vital to the IT industry and possessing these skills can make one look very enticing.

What will I learn in MEARN Stack ?

MongoDB: Gain expertise in MongoDB and gain in-depth knowledge and understanding about NoSQL, data modelling and data replication with IIHT’s MongoDB training programme. Learn to leverage MongoDB to deliver solutions that address data requirements by speeding up development and simplifying operations to ensure scale and requirements that companies usually demand.

ExpressJS: Express JS is the prebuilt Node JS framework that helps in creating server-side web applications in a smarter way due to its simplicity and minimal characteristics. The students will be learning to create an Express server using Express JS. Further, the students will be able to configure template engines by using Middleware and also understand to create and use Routes using.

AngularJS: Master front-end web development, and thoroughly learn concepts like the scope of Angular, single-page applications, installing dependencies, routes, pipes, and navigation. Candidates will train under industry experts and will have hands-on experience by working on assignments and projects that teach them to use JavaScript, editors, Node etc.

ReactJS: Build React.JS application using server-side react components, Relay and GraphQL. Candidates will train under industry expert and master user interface development. Upon completing the course students will be able to break down complex components and reuse them to complete projects faster.

NodeJS: Learn the concepts and strategies for writing asynchronous code with Node JS. Learn to use npm by importing additional modules into the projects using Node JS. Further, the students will be learning to create modules using getters and setters by understanding event loops.

Why learn Full-stack ?

  • Developing apps using MEARN is simpler and faster because developers need to write code only in one language
  • Applications can be deployed on the server directly without having to deploy it to a stand-alone server
  • MEARN makes the switching between client and server easier
  • Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEARN
  • Organizations are leveraging MEARN to boost the transcendence in applications and web development projects.
  • Test applications on cloud platform after completing the development process.
  • NodeJS is speedy and ascendable because of its non-blocking architecture. AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework that offers maintenance, testability, and reusability. Powerful directives of this framework progress into great testability and domain specific language.
  • All the MEARN stack technologies are open source and are available for free.

Some of the students can take up after learning MEARN stack include:
System Architects

  • Development operations engineer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Principle Application architect
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What is a Cloud lab?

IIHT’s state-of-the-art lab facilities are browse accessed and all students are exposed to various scenarios thy would encounter while working in the industry. This allows students to get hands-on training and make them job ready. Students can access IIHT’s lab via the Learning Management System from any location, any time, making it the perfect practise field. The blended learning method adopted by IIHT is easily the most powerful Labs are integrated into the learner’s dashboard and guarantees learners a hassle-free experience by not having to move another window.

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Course Content

Full Stack MEARN Engineer

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