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Deliver flawless, cost-effective applications with Java

Store and retrieve values flawlessly using data structures

Use standard and third-party Java APIs to create rich user-interface applications

Build robust, fully-functional Java applications

In today’s competitive market, it is important for the IT industry to develop and work on multiple web or server-based applications to enhance their efficiency. Most enterprises tend to invest their resource in Java to build several applications for both desktop and embedded devices, the reason being that Java can act as a programming atmosphere where applications can be developed and deployed. Java has no limits, and there is a huge demand for Java developers not only in IT, but in the service sector industry as well. Many financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Barclays, and Standard Charted, among many others, rely on Java for both back-end and front-end processes. Moreover, the frequent updates and secure nature of Java makes it even more popular. With the most recent update to Java that makes it more user-friendly, it has become a language and a skill that enterprises are actively looking to invest in.

IIHT – Bridging the skill-gap

IIHT’s Java Programming and Data Structure is an all-inclusive training program which provides detailed learning on the important concepts, best practices, and trends in Java Programming. Learning Java opens up the opportunity to learn and master advanced languages like Python, Ruby, R, and ABAP. Java acts as the foundation for many programming languages, and it is predicted that languages that will emerge in the future too will have its roots in Java. IIHT’s course on Java programming and data structures aims to ensure that students and working professionals understand Java programming thoroughly, and master advanced topics like Data Structures in Java, Java 8, and Java 9. IIHT’s course module for Java involves learning the foundations and advanced concepts through interactive classroom sessions. Our state-of-the-art labs, updated with the latest version of Java, gives students a hands-on experience working with Java as well.

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Why should I learn Java Programming and Data Structures?

Java is very popular and is widely preferred by today’s tech giants. The huge collection of libraries it offers, and its widespread use in areas like web, desktop and embedded application makes Java one of the most desired skills in the industry. Moreover, Java is the first step to learning other advanced and complex languages. If a candidate has mastered Java, learning languages and concepts like Python, Ruby, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics, and Hadoop becomes relatively easier.

Moreover, by learning data structures one can gain a thorough insight into the organization of code and the logical flow involved in programming. Having a workforce with a thorough understanding of Java programming and data structures allow enterprises to implement efficient programming techniques and ensure enhanced results. Therefore companies are always on the lookout for professionals skilled in Java programming and data structures.

Why learn Java at IIHT?

  • Introduction to Java 8, Java 9, Data Structures, Spring framework, and Hibernate
  • Understanding data structures and algorithms in Java programming
  • Gain expertise and practical training for the role and responsibilities of a web developer and designer
  • Master best practices and trends in Java programming
  • Opportunity to interact with SMEs from industry for better conceptual clarity of the subject.
  • Learn the foundations and advanced concepts, step-by-step, through interactive classroom sessions.
  • Experience IIHT’s revolutionary Learning Management System specifically designed to facilitate an enhanced learning experience
  • Work on real-world projects and perform self-assessments

Benefits of Java Programming

  • Java is a highly secure open-source language
  • More than 1 billion computers and 3 billion embedded devices run on Java
  • Rich APIs for almost everything ranging from JSON and XML to Machine Learning and Blockchain
  • Data structures in Java allow easier data processing
  • Java is platform independent
  • Easy access to data anytime and anywhere is possible due to data structures
  • Encrypted storage of confidential data securely
  • Data structures help in graphical models of real-time problems
  • Algorithms in data structures give the developers an efficient way to handle data efficiently
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What do you get from IIHT’s blended learning module?

The unique one-of-its kind blended learning module has the following features:

  • Personalized learner homepage: There is a provision for students to use personalized dashboards that students can customize, view the status of the course material. Students can also compare their performances with their classmates’.
  • Catalog for recommended courses: View course catalog and sort levels.
  • Powerful search: Global search the entire Learning Management System of IIHT whenever you need.
  • Course Details: Learners get to view the details of the course like deadlines and upcoming project.
  • Prework: PDFs and documents to help you prepare for upcoming courses.
  • Core Content: Virtual classrooms, activities and assessments
  • Cloud Labs: Easy access to labs anytime, integrated within the Learning Management System.
  • Download Reference Materials: Learners can download reference materials from resources section any time
  • Fluidic Player: Learn at your own pace.
  • Allows students to take notes for revision
  • Gamification: Students can compete with one another to do better!

What is a Cloud lab?

Experience IIHT’s revolutionary Learning Management System specifically designed to facilitate an enhanced learning experience. IIHT’s state-of-the-art lab facilities are browse accessed and all students are exposed to various scenarios thy would encounter while working in the industry. This allows students to get hands-on training and make them job ready. Students can access IIHT’s lab via the Learning Management System from any location, any time, making it the perfect practise field. The blended learning method adopted by IIHT is easily the most powerful Labs are integrated into the learner’s dashboard and guarantees learners a hassle-free experience by not having to move another window.

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Course Content

Full Stack Java Engineer

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Some of the job roles students can take up after learning Java and data structures include:

  • Web development
  • Web application development
  • Android development
  • Enterprise business computing
  • Game development

Upon learning this course, students will be able to apply the right algorithms and data structures while writing codes and tackle challenges at increased speed and efficiency.

By learning data-structures and algorithms individuals can improve the performance of the program drastically. Moreover, data-structures helps in fast and easy retrieval of the stored data and helps the developer to interact and manipulate the data whenever it is required.